The Family Fellows Program

Celebrating Families, Recognizing Impact

Partner with Northeastern as a Family Fellow. Our most loyal parent donors are dedicated to enhancing the student experience and advocating for Northeastern’s future through their family philanthropy.  


The Family Fellows Program

Parents are an integral part of our community, directly enriching and supporting the student experience. Family Fellows commit an annual gift of $10,000 or more to support the university while establishing their family legacy and modeling philanthropy to their students. Since 2014, Family Fellows have supported priorities such as internships, research awards, and  scholarships; have enhanced music and maker space facilities, global co-ops, and athletics; and have provided gap funding for student ventures.


Joining the FFP

Should you decide to join the FFP, you will:

  • Meet students and faculty who benefit from your philanthropy
  • Engage in university life, locally and globally
  • Attend events with Northeastern’s top leaders
  • Motivate other parents to join the Family Fellows

Areas of Support

Gifts to the Family Fellows Program, which you can designate to your desired area of interest, support vital aspects of the undergraduate program.


The Journey Begins

Make an initial gift to the university to become a Family Fellow, and take advantage of all the benefits of being an active Husky family. Parents who are interested in volunteerism can explore ways to provide co-op opportunities, host events for other families, and become advocates for Northeastern.


Explore Your Family’s Passions

Work with the Family Philanthropy team to explore your interests and passions. Meet with faculty and university leaders to deepen your engagement. Make an investment in the programs that are meaningful to you where you can see the impact of your giving.


Realize your impact

Explore opportunities to honor your student’s legacy by creating an endowed fund, capital commitment, or special project related to your interests. Consider getting involved further by donating your time and contributing your talents to the university.


Continue the Relationship 

As your student’s time on campus begins to wind down, consider including them in the philanthropic conversation and making a gift in honor of their graduation.


The journey beyond commencement

Northeastern will continue to support you and your student throughout your lifetimes—through networking opportunities, career support, and more. We encourage you to remain involved as a Husky family.


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