The Family Philanthropy Program enriches the Northeastern parent experience by building meaningful relationships between parents and the university through philanthropy, volunteerism, and community building.


The Family Fellows Program recognizes the generous support of our most loyal parent donors who are dedicated to enhancing the student experience and investing in Northeastern’s future.

Protecting the ocean’s treasures

An anonymous parent has created an assistant professorship within the Marine Science Center with a gift of $1 million. This innovative position is for pre-tenure faculty starting out in their careers, and allows Northeastern to recruit the best and brightest early on. After a period of 5–7 years, the assistant professor moves up, and a new recruit is brought in, creating a legacy of emerging stars. And with coastal sustainability playing a large role in climate change and rising oceans, this assistant professorship is critical for navigating future seas.

Everyone loves the library

Everyone loves the library: The Northeastern University Library is always open—and the Parents Leadership Council helped it stay that way with a collective gift of $24,000 this past year. At any time of day or night, the library now provides access to nearly one million ebooks, millions of articles in every field imaginable, copious archival collections, and a digital repository service comprising photographs, audio and video files, documents, data sets, and more. Overall, the Parents Leadership Council made gifts totaling $275,615 to the university in fiscal year 2019.


“Since our daughter graduated over three years ago, my husband and I continue to give and stay involved with Northeastern. It is so important for parents as well as students to give back to a university that has given so much to our students when they were on campus and now graduated. Every gift truly makes a difference to the lives of Northeastern students.”

-Sue Welch, PNT’16

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